Walking the Line

Here’s a few of the things corporate social warriors know:

  1. Measurement: Every tactic must have goals and metrics associated with it. If it doesn’t, forget about it. Most importantly, don’t bring tactics without goals and measures to your boss – bad things will happen. Trust me on this one.
  2. Office politics: Keep a high enough profile to convince busy executives your business should be part of customer conversations. Keep a low enough profile to execute and “do right” by those same customers. It’s a balancing act and an art.
  3. Cultivating the Employee Groundswell: The most important long-term goal internally is to establish employee grass roots understanding and acceptance of the business value of working with customers to get better product and marketing solutions, drive organic word of mouth, and frankly, treat your customers like people. When the rest of the organization starts to “get it,” my life (and yours) gets a lot easier. I have a specific approach I use, I’ll bet others have theirs. More to follow on this in future posts.

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