MySpace vs Facebook

According to this blog post from Pingdom, Facebook appears to be in the process of kicking MySpace’s tush. You may recall posts a few months ago that showed Facebook doubling its traffic YoY worldwide, although MySpace was still holding strong in the USA. This graph shows the possibility that even MySpace’s domestic stronghold of visits isn’t increasing at the same speed as Facebook.

So what does this mean for marketers? To be honest for me it spells some relief: I just relate to Facebook better than I do MySpace. Frankly I go on MySpace and the word “Vegas” occurs to me every single time: lots of flashing bright lights and borderline porn content seemingly everywhere. The whole thing feels slightly dirty to me.

Even still, should marketers abandon MySpace? Heck no. Even though it’s poised to begin losing ground to Facebook, MySpace still doesn’t appear to be losing views, just not gaining them. With so many millions of folks using each platform every day, it’ll be a while before marketers abandon MySpace.

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