Some things matter more than social media

Some things matter more than social media. Or strategies. Or even spreading the Gospel of Word of Mouth Marketing. The people who love us and our connections with them are the most important things in our lives, period. (Anyone who doesn’t know that already should see the movie “Up In the Air,” stop tweeting about the Top Ten Reasons Your Brand Should Be on Facebook on Christmas day, and get some counseling.)


I waited 36 years to meet my wonderful husband, Matt. That’s thirty six loooooooong years. As much as I love my job, there is no meeting, no work “emergency,” no work priority of any kind that matters more than he does. Two years ago today I had the privilege to marry one of the great humans on this planet (that’s Matt, in case you were wondering). And he’s great looking too. And he sent me these gorgeous flowers today.

Jobs – even careers -come and go, but I plan on keeping this great husband of mine. Because he matters.