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Every time I see an article about the “Top 5 Twitter strategies” I roll my eyes a little. And my stomach turns a little Why? Because it perpetuates the notion that people who “get” the notion of “social” believe that strategy=tactics. And *that* hurts my long-term mobility. And frankly, it cheapens the last 5 years of my work life.

So when I see a story about strategy that includes social media as a meaningful “how,” to achieve the stategic “what,” I feel validation and even a little excitement. The New York Times published an article like that today – and I bet it won’t be plastered all over Twitter the way those top-5 lists are.

The story in question? ‘Blind Side’ Finds a Path to the Oscars by Running Up the Middle Have you seen the movie? I did. And frankly its Oscar nominations surprised me. Which makes me wonder how this movie got to this level of acknowlegement. The answer? Great marketing strategy: fishing where the fish are. Plot spoiler: a lot of “fish” are schooling on social media these days.

The producers identified their target audience: “sports fans, families, churchgoers and do-gooders” and figured out how to bring pieces that resonate with them (real college football coaches, a country music singer, and sermon content) to the movie. (Marketing as part of the product process – sound familiar? ) Next, they figured out how to connect that content with the target audience: blogs, online/downloadable video clips, and effectively motivated their base.

Nice work, producers. I admire your strategic thinking and execution. Social pundits, take note.

2 thoughts on “Real social marketing strategy

  1. Thanks for the post,
    I fully agree on the “fish where the fish are”.
    This is to me something that many social media marketers are missing. To me social media is not a target,communities are.
    As an example: small business owners are a community, accountants, people interested in personal finance.
    Social Media is not an audience it’s a sum of infrastructure.
    We recommend that social media strategist first define their target communities and their value proposition per community, then map and listen these community and engage where it make sense.
    People that advocate broad listening (social media monitoring) as a first step and to me missing this step: build a marketing strategy and align the initiatives to this strategy, then listen.

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