Prioritization presents a pretty pickle

Pickles You know what’s great about my job? Lots of things: I get to work with super smart people, I get to be part of a successful team, plus I really like connecting a business to the humans who make our jobs possible.

You know what sucks? Going through the prioritization process. Why? Because when you’re trying to do something new, it’s hard to get the data to prove what will happen if it gets prioritized. Because it’s never been done before. So we don’t have data yet. Which is why we want to do it in the first place. Any new idea we have to improve on our original idea means more prioritizing.

I’m betting other big companies face the same issues. Lots of important priorities all want access to the same set of assets (engineers, usually) to make their plans happen. How best to balance keeping the core business running and innovation? It presents quite a pickle.

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