People are the killer app

Being a social media strategist requires a balance of two things: logic and belief. We believe treating people like humans in business when done well will lead to greater consumer recommendation behavior and profits. We logically build our case for the future of big business including this human element, creating tests to prove our assumptions with data. It’s not an easy line to walk: narrowing in on the right tests to illustrate conversion and/or revenue creates a challenge, especially when the tests we want to do have never been attempted by any other businesses. (Beyond the creativity involved, there’s the prioritization issue I’ve written about before)

Today the Dachis Group wrote a blog post summarizing some of our recent “social” work in TurboTax. I love that they “get” that for us it’s about business smarts, not fluffiness and buzzwords. ¬†We believe treating people like humans makes good business sense. And we’re logically proving we’re right.

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