The Myth of Executive Buy-In

I hear a lot about the importance of selling your social programs to your businesses’ leadership team. Which makes sense. And no doubt you have to do it, to some degree. It’s just not a black-and-white issue.

I recently stumbled across my original deck (5 years old) for selling our then-general manager on the notion of starting the first-ever blog at the Consumer Group.  Asocial media executive buy-infter I got over the initial “Wow, I must have been smart 5 years ago, this is pretty good stuff!” moment of celebration it brought the whole meeting back to me, complete with all the anxiety and anticipation leading up to it.

Here’s the thing I didn’t know then (and it’s better I didn’t): even though our general manager bought off on the idea and we started the blog, I would have many challenges to come with other leaders.

Social believers, here’s the truth no one tells you: you will probably never get buy in from all those executives. Like everything worthwhile in life, it’s a journey.  Partner up with the leaders who are willing to try new things and prove your case as you go to the rest.

P.S. My “from – to” slide in that initial deck has all come true – it’s been quite a journey, but worth the ride.

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