A Golden Time

Team lunch

TurboTax Online Advertising Team Lunch

It’s one of those rare times in my work life: I’m on a “dream team,” a group of folks who are all world-class at what they do – no weak links. Every week when we report out on our week’s learnings for our channels, I marvel at just how much each one knows and brings to the team.  On top of that, we are kind to one another, pretty much all the time. When someone needs help, another steps up to assist, usually without asking. We laugh together – a lot. Even though it seems like that work environment should be standard, in my experience it isn’t. Especially when you work around smart people who constantly want to prove their own worth. Without question the credit for all this goes to our leader Seth Greenberg, who makes the culture possible.

I’ve had a chance to be on teams like this a few times before, and sadly it never lasts long. People get promoted into new jobs, they get married and move, and so on. Things just change. As Robert Frost said,

“So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

Today our team goes on a much-needed team-building offsite day. When we arrive I’ll look around and be thankful for this golden time and these wonderful people I get to work with.

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