You know what’s hard?

bird feederDuring planning season (like right now) it’s pretty hard for me to post about what I’m thinking about in relation to social media. Because it’s hush-hush top secret at this point due to competitive reasons. And honestly, most of the time I’m thinking about things unrelated to social media. Like which bird feeder to buy for my backyard or how to make gluten free cake that doesn’t taste like sawdust. And people who talk about nothing but social media all the time bore me anyway and feel a little bit like machines.

So to entertain yourself until my next meaty post (God willing) please entertain yourself like I do by enjoying the pic of the happy little birdie on the bird feeder. I’ll try to come up with something more profound soon.

Introducing Team TurboTax

This year we went from a small group of folks “manning” our Twitter presence – mainly Marketing (okay, me) and PR – to a 40+ person cross functional team. This group of CPAs, developers, support specialists, QAs, Marketers, Product Managers, and even the VP of Engineering spent the tax season on Twitter @TeamTurboTax answering peoples’ questions about doing their own taxes.

Chelsea did a great job of profiling a handful of our most prolific “Tweeters” on the TurboTax blog. These folks volunteered to help on top of their “day” jobs without any additional pay or recognition – I take it as a testament to how committed Intuit employees are to customers. (Not that I’m biased)

As one of the very small group of folks who did this virtually alone last year, I owe my sanity to this incredible group of folks. I’m sure there’s a lot of customers who feel the same way. Thanks to Chelsea for writing the great blog post and the team for – well – kicking ass.

Business travel made easy

lots of flying for the next two monthsAfter looking at my calendar for the next few months, the sinking feeling in my stomach told me I have quite possibly over committed myself- both personally and professionally- in ways that all involve travel. So I’m going to be in a whole lotta planes and staying in a whole lotta hotels over the next few months.

Please help a sister out: what are your travel tips to make it all bearable?