Introducing Team TurboTax

This year we went from a small group of folks “manning” our Twitter presence – mainly Marketing (okay, me) and PR – to a 40+ person cross functional team. This group of CPAs, developers, support specialists, QAs, Marketers, Product Managers, and even the VP of Engineering spent the tax season on Twitter @TeamTurboTax answering peoples’ questions about doing their own taxes.

Chelsea did a great job of profiling a handful of our most prolific “Tweeters” on the TurboTax blog. These folks volunteered to help on top of their “day” jobs without any additional pay or recognition – I take it as a testament to how committed Intuit employees are to customers. (Not that I’m biased)

As one of the very small group of folks who did this virtually alone last year, I owe my sanity to this incredible group of folks. I’m sure there’s a lot of customers who feel the same way. Thanks to Chelsea for writing the great blog post and the team for – well – kicking ass.

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