Christine Morrison Roszak is a Senior Social Media Manager at Intuit in San Diego, California. She talks to online customers wherever they want to talk to or about the brand: on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and anywhere else they want to congregate. Before “Social” became the New Black she focused on engaging with customers and ensuring their voices are heard and drive change in the business.

As a Product Manager she established long-term relationships with tens of thousands of customers by creating and driving an online customer community focused on co-creation. More importantly she made the voices of those customers heard in ways that drove regular and lasting change in product and marketing efforts, saving money and time in support and development costs. Along the way, she convinced executives to launch some of the business’ first-ever social efforts to further engage with customers.

In prior lives she’s been a web developer, print advertisement designer, and a marine biology teacher. She is married to the greatest video game artist on earth, once lived in a tiny town in Bavaria, and still marvels that she actually got paid to teach snorkeling and kayaking for several years. She is widely regarded as the slowest, most awkward runner her friends know.

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