TurboTax won 3 OMMA awards

TurboTax was
recognized as an industry leader during the Online Marketing and Media
Association Awards this week. Although we were delighted to be finalists in 6 categories, the celebration went to the next level when the winners were announced – 3 groovy-cool winners statues are coming to live on our team's "mantle."

Here are the categories we won in:

1. Social: Best Use of Widget – SuperStatus
To start with either of the other two awards would be less than genuine, since this is the award I personally had the most to do with. Since joining Seth's incredible Online Advertising team last year, we've been blessed to win a handful of social media accolades and awards: Ad Age's head-to-head comparison for social media, The San Diego American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year award, even the Bazaarvoice Best Overall Social Commerce Award. As thrilling as each award has been, I must say none of them has been as exciting as this: winning an OMMA award for the Widget that was the centerpiece of the SuperStatus contest. Big ups to Dailey advertising for making the whole thing possible with their great idea and design. (Not to mention nominating us)

To cap it all off, we beat HBO and Disney in this category. As a huge fan of both (we all are), we were pretty humbled by our win.

2. Rich Media: Single Execution – TurboTron
Brian Hovis – take a bow! Brian and Dailey worked their tushes off this year and it all paid off. The TurboTron banner was designed for a homepage takeover of Yahoo. It was so successful it literally ranked as the #2 most interacted-with banner of all time, plus the banner itself was incredibly creative. (Again, Dailey kicks butt).  For those who think social media and advertising don't mix, Brian took the great content created by our customer reviews, Live Community, and Super Status contest and made it part of his banner. The nature of advertising is changing in a good way, thanks to people like Brian.

3. Best Financial Services Integrated Online Media Campaign – TurboTax
More accolades for Brian Hovis.

Finally Mint.com, a company soon to be part of the Intuit family, also won an award for their outstanding blog.

TurboTax is a finalist for 5 OMMA awards

When I started working on the TurboTax Online Advertising team a year ago, the team I joined kept winning awards for their prior year's work. As I looked on in barely disguised envy co-workers told me, "Don't worry, by next year you'll be up for awards too." Being used to doing social as a (near) skunkworks operation for almost four years, I honestly didn't have much faith in those prognostications. Here we are, a year later, and I'm 100% delighted to say I was wrong – one of the many benefits of working for this guy

Pretty exciting – TurboTax is up for 5 OMMA awards this year… three of the five categories are for social programs. The three social-related awards are (drum roll please)…

• Best In Class – Banner – Standard, Flash or Rich Media – TurboTax Twitter/Google Banner Ad
• Best In Class – Contest/Promotion or Sweepstakes – TurboTax “SuperStatus” Campaign
• Best in Class – Social use of Widgets: Intuit “SuperStatus”

(Seth has a list of all the awards we're up for on his blog)

There's a "member's choice" award, so please take a moment and vote for us! We've got some competitors on the list as well, so we can really use your help. Plus the functionality behind the list is pretty cool on its own.

Please oh please help us bring one of these bad boys home to Momma this year.