Pointless hostile comments – at least it’s not just me

Reading the comments on David Pogue’s column in the New York Times today about “pay by phone” devices I realized something useful: no matter how useful, how factual the story, some people are going to get all riled up in the comments. And it doesn’t just happen to me. It even happens to someone as well-loved as David Pogue.

The column narrates the story of how one  iPhone card-reader device works. If you read the comments, you’ll see there’s an undercurrent of fear and a connection of Pogue with the technology. Here’s my favorite quote:

These people should be shut down immediately. Thanks a lot, Dave. You’ve just lost a devoted reader.

What? That doesn’t even make sense. He wrote the story, not the software.

Like I said, at least it’s not just me. For some odd reason, today it felt validating to see a titan like David Pogue have a few trolls.