Top six things about being on the exec floor

Top 5 reasons it's good to be on the executive floorToday is my first day in my new office, which is on the “executive” floor. It’s different than the more marketing-heavy third floor with all its hustle and bustle. So what’s the good part of making the move? Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen I give you the top six (good) things about being on the executive floor.

    6. It’s really quiet. No one wants to be the clown who disturbs all those VPs.
    5. I can look out a window from my office.
    4. You get to sit near some super-smarties: like Chelsea, Ashley, and Julie.
    3. The snack machine is up here AND the soda machine with the Diet Dr. Pepper.
    2. Just by being here people think you’re strategic.

And the top reason to be glad you’re on the VP floor:

    1. The cleanest, least used ladies’ room in the entire campus (there are very few women on this floor).