Whole Foods, you have my sympathies

Today Whole Foods (and a whole bunch of customers) got hosed by the bad guys on Facebook, who used the Whole Foods brand as a front to phish for personal information from unsuspecting customers. I guess it goes to show you, there are a-holes where-ever you go. Some of them are on social media.

I’d be lying if I said didn’t have a flash of “thank God it wasn’t us.” Because no matter what, if you’re working at Whole Foods in social media this would be a sucky time. Whoever those people are, they have my sympathies.

Seeing what can happen should act as a “teachable moment” for brands: let’s learn from this situation and establish our plans early for how to respond if it does.

Facebook, Twitter traffic increases, MySpace declines

Brian Solis delivered an interesting analysis of trends among social media web sites on his blog today. According to the data provided by Experian Hitwise, Facebook visits are up 194% over last year (and now boast an almost 60% market share among social media platforms in the US) and Twitter visits were up a staggering 1170% over last year. The once-mighty MySpace is on the decline, down 55% YoY visits.