SPICY leaders

In her first blog post written for Ant’s Eye View, Kira Wampler (formerly of Intuit – I miss her already) writes about the qualities that make a great leader in the social space.

This was my favorite part of the post, the quality of being interested:

Interested: Are you naturally curious about the world around you, your customers’ lives and your products or services? Do you take a systematic approach for learning new “cultures” and new projects and, most importantly, then apply that learning to constantly improve on your teams and your work. And, my deep belief is that naturally interested people are naturally humble. We’re all learning our way here, and being humble goes a long way when operating in new cultures and partnering with internal teams. Speaking of…do you do more to recognize others than to gain recognition for yourself?

So well said, if for no other reason than the people most interested in life are the most interesting. Plus it’s hard to lead the way if you’re not interested in knowing where the path is leading or that there’s even a path in the first place.

Nice job Kira! Will you come back now?

Scott Cook Innovation Awards

It's been an incredible week for recognition and our team – we won a Scott Cook Innovation Award (very big deal internal award at Intuit) yesterday for our partnership with David Kirven's team to marry our offline and online advertising/social efforts last year. For those who have never worked at a large company, it may seem like it should be easy to marry up all your strategies so they march in unison but it actually takes a bit of work. A lot of work actually.

Happy happy day.