Traveling Shoes

Yes ladies, there is a travel uniform. And if I had only known about it earlier, it would have made my life so much simpler. Thus, I share it with you in the hopes you can have pain-free travels because of it.

For the flight:

bring a big bag for carryon

Big bags hold everything and make security a breeze

  • Black yoga pants
  • flip flops or slip on shoes
  • two layers of tank tops
  • open front button-free cotton cardigan
  • hair in pony tail (with a metal free pony tail holder)
  • stud earrings (insert joke here)
  • big huge carry on bag which contains wallet, computer, toiletries in the quart-sized plastic baggie (mine is pictured at the right)
  • If you’re speaking at an event, bring a black shift dress -they travel well and are almost always appropriate. Dress it up with accessories. I got this little tip from Kira Wampler and she couldn’t have been more right. (thanks, Kira)

So what did I miss? What travel uniform do you wear?